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Wombat Music Workshop is my in house production project here at Wombat Recording Co. These are my own compositions and I usually play most of the instruments.

Okay, first thing is the pop tune with a bullet.

Newest thing here; alto and bass clarinet from “mediated improvisation”.

Here’s a piece that started on piano.

Bass clarinet featured and also nylon strung guitar.

This is a suite incorporating a few tunes of mine and a long thematic middle section, blending composition and improvisation. Ethan Winogrand plays the drums. I played: piano, bass, alto saxes, bass clarinet, dulcimer, and drone synth.

Another suite, three movements, based on a found rhythm. This is probably a work in progress.

Here’s a fusion type piece, but pretty intense. An original tune, recorded with Ethan Winogrand on drums. I played guitars, bass, and keyboards.

Here’s an older piece a Nocturne with the rosy fingered dawn impinging on the reverie. Drums by Ethan.

Two pieces from a compilation I am calling “Sleep and Death”. “Crowded Nightmare” now has live drums by Ethan Winogrand.

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