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Ross Bonadonna

ross shadowI’ve been playing guitar since I was 7, was always into science projects, so after being in un numbered bands (rock, pop, jazz) and doing commercial gigs in my twenties (society dance bands all over the country and abroad). I decided to open a real studio. At first, a 16 track analogue with a 32 input console and various outboard, quickly updating more and more into what computers were just starting to allow. Until, a dozen or so years ago going fully into Pro Tools. I still play with as many bands and in as many projects as I can get myself into.

Ross Bonadonna is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and owner/operator of Wombat Recording, Brooklyn. He has performed with Eric Mingus, Ethan Winogrand, Lucy Foley, Nobu Stowe and many others, at venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Novarra Jazz Festival (Italy), the CajAstur Jazz Festival (Spain), Teatre Lliure (Barcelona), Enniskillen Arts Festival, live on WFMU and at Windsor Castle.

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